Nautical Dawn

Parked here with the intention of getting some sleep. At about 3:30am, awoke to see the beginnings of dawn. Combination of 30 second and 15 second exposures.

63 megapixels
20 images 35mm Super Takumar f5.6 30s + 15s 100 iso
119 megapixels
35 Images SMC Takumar 50mm f5.6 8 second & 30 second brackets

From City To Sea

Our good friends got married at the end of this dock one fine summer day. No one realized how hard walking the boardwalk in heels would be. Steps were carefully taken into the future.

69 megapixels

Relaxing Rocks

The sky slips into a colourful veil; settling Vancouver into a slumber.

68 megapixels

Three Boats

Three boats at rest in French Creek harbour.

29 megapixels


The ever-burning flames create veils of raising heat.

48 megapixels